5 Fitness Trends to Try In 2019

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When you're trying to boost your overall wellness and fitness levels, there are several hot trends right now that can help you out. 

It will build you into a physical specimen, and can also help you to have clearer thoughts and a better sense of wellness as a whole. When you'd like to do right by your overall health, you can start with some of the best fitness trends around. 

With this in mind, it pays to learn what people are doing right now to get results. 

Let's dive into some of the best trends available and how you can take advantage of them. 


The Top Fitness Tends of 2019

So what trends are the most conducive to losing weight, getting strong and living an overall healthy life?

Simply put, the trend that works is the one that you stick to. As long as you are speeding up your heartbeat, building muscle and physically exerting yourself, you are more likely to meet your fitness goals. 

However, there are certain trends that you are more likely to stick to because you'll find them more fun and beneficial to you. 

Take a look at the following hot trends to see which ones you'd like to try:


1. Martial Arts is Here to Stay

Studying and practicing martial arts can help you with everything from better sexual performance to total body coordination and awareness. 

This is a difficult discipline that takes years to master, and you are building strength and coordination every step of the way. Likewise, you will have an overall sense of confidence because you know that you can protect yourself when you are faced with danger. 

Experiencing this boost of self-esteem, along with the mental calm that comes with drilling and mastering moves can also improve your mental health. With this in mind, you will find that you walk around with a sense of calm and euphoria and will be better able to face the challenges that life throws your way. 


2. Yoga Will Provide Holistic Health and Wellness

This is a form of total body exercise that can prepare you for any bodily movement imaginable. 

It puts you in a series of different positions that you must hold, which builds your muscles and calms your mind. This is why so many people treat yoga as a spiritual pursuit and one that carries over into all aspects of life. 

Yoga is about far more than just a spiritual pursuit. In fact, people are building phenomenally strong core muscles by practicing yoga alone. 

When you experience the strength and flexibility that yoga brings to your life, it will help you with your running, lifting, dancing, and any other form of exercise that you engage in on a regular basis. 


3. People are Getting Smart About Their Running

It's important that you also break your running down to a science, rather than just throwing on some gym shorts and going at it. 

When you get a smartwatch and a running app, you are able to track your intervals, beat your times, check your heart rate and so much more. This will help you to get smarter about the way that you run so that you can kick it into high gear and meet your goals. 

What's more, people are realizing that they can engage in all sorts of challenges and races that give them something to train for. Whether you want to run a 5K, 10K, half marathon or marathon, having something to work toward is always a better course of action than simply exercising for its own sake. 

Before you know it, you will be joining runner's groups and trying to beat your times. 


4. Kettlebells and Other Functional Forms of Weight Lifting

People today are looking into functionality more than just muscles that look good. 

As such, you will want to start engaging in weight lifting exercises that help you become a stronger human being as a whole. People are working into exercises that build total-body strength, rather than only sticking to the bench press rack.

People are also adding kettlebells to their routine in order to get stronger in ways that their body actually moves normally and naturally. Investing in a nice set of kettlebells can allow you to meet all of your health and fitness goals without even having to step foot into a gym. 


5. HIIT Exercises For Life-Changing Cardio

Getting into High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) can allow you to boost your cardio and overall fitness level. 

With these exercises, you are getting smart about your cardio and working your heart and body in ways that get you results. With HIIT, you are working out in bursts of time without stopping, and then taking short breaks. 

This is far more efficient cardio than running for long periods of time and works your heart in a way that builds long-term health. There are several different forms of HIIT exercises that you can engage in, so the sky is the limit. 

Whether you want to hit the track and knock out some sprints or engage in bodyweight exercises like burpees, you'll get plenty of great results. 


Consider These Fitness Trends as You Look to Get and Stay in Shape

These are the fitness trends that will go a long way for you when you are trying to get into shape. Try these to the best of your ability to get healthy and strong. 

Whether you're looking into weight-loss strategies, fitness news, recipes and anything else under the sun, keep it locked to our content. 


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