7 Effective Benefits of Taking Testosterone Supplements

by | Sep 23, 2020 | Health

Testosterone is a natural hormone found within the bodies of men and women. Having low testosterone can cause an onset of problems which is why there is the option to take testosterone supplements.

Taking testosterone supplements to get the level of the hormone to a natural amount should ease a lot of the problems associated with it so here are 7 effective benefits of taking testosterone supplements.

1. Energy Levels Can Increase

When you don’t have the necessary amount of the hormone, you will start to see your energy levels begin to decrease. This can be difficult if you are someone who is on the go or if you have a very labor-intensive job.

You may have thought your tiredness came from overexerting yourself but that’s not the case. Low testosterone affects your sleeping pattern because it doesn’t allow you to enter REM sleep which is needed for quality sleep. 

Due to not entering the REM sleep, you wake up feeling tired and exhausted with no energy. It is an ongoing cycle which is why taking testosterone can help offset the cycle to bring you back to a normal sleep pattern and increase your energy.

Taking testosterone supplements can give you more energy and remove the feelings of constant fatigue and exhaustion that plague your day. Having that boost of energy won’t hold you back from doing the things you want to do and will increase your productivity in the tasks you set out to do.

2. Stabilize Mood

Those with low testosterone tend to have mood swings and be more irritable. Over time, these mood swings can develop into anxiety, depression, or both. Taking a testosterone supplement could help to stabilize your mood and mental state of mind.

Studies have shown that those that do partake in supplementing testosterone have seen improvement in their mood and quality of life because they were no longer as agitated as before.

Mood affects every part of our life so having mood swings can become very stressful to deal with but with supplements, it allows the opportunity to get it under control and enjoy the things around us without being set off.

3. Improves Sex Drive

If you’ve noticed that your sex drive has been low, chances are it is due to low testosterone. With low testosterone, for men, it’s hard to be aroused or have a correction. For many, the desire is not there and if it is, it can be difficult to climax.

Testosterone supplements have been known to help fix that. Testosterone is a sex hormone so the relationship is direct in this case. Taking a healthy dosage of the supplement can change your sex drive and sex life.

Over time, after introducing the supplement to your body, you should see results in performance as well.  For women who have taken testosterone supplements have noticed that they are climaxing more, having more sex, and more sexual fantasies.

4. Lose Body Fat

Weight gain can be attributed to low testosterone. Weight gain, which is an increase in body fat, happens because without adequate levels of testosterone the body cannot regulate the body’s intake of insulin, or glucose so your metabolism has a hard time breaking down the fat.

With excess fat on the body, it releases excess levels of estrogen, making your testosterone levels decrease even more. Taking testosterone can reverse this though.

With testosterone supplements, it can decrease the body fat you have by slowing down or even stopping your weight gain altogether. With the combination of the energy and ability to lose body fat, exercising should be much easier to achieve your desired body goal.

5. Slow Down Hair Loss

Testosterone affects hair loss and if it is low, large amounts of loss in hair is one of the obvious signs to a low amount of the hormone. When men and women both have low testosterone, they’ll start to notice that they may be balding, and their hair pattern and lining are becoming patchy.

Hair isn’t just lost on the head. Men may see their beards are no longer growing or are growing in only in some areas. Women may notice that they do not have to shave their legs or arms as often as they used to.

Taking testosterone can help maintain the production of hair and stop the loss of hair.

6. Stronger Bones

Bonde density is the result of testosterone and estrogen working together. With low amounts of testosterone, it’s hard for bones to grow and repair themselves if you take an injury to them.

New bone tissue is produced every day to replace the ones that have been worn away but without testosterone, this is not possible. Due to this imbalance, the individual will begin to lose their bone density.

Increasing the supplements of testosterone can improve bone density and strengthen your bones. This is very helpful for those who have osteoporosis which is a bone disease, not limited to women as some belief but also older men.

7. Improve Memory and Concentration

Over time, you may notice that it has become hard for you to focus on the task at hand and that you have begun to forget little things in your day. It may seem trivial at first but it can become frustrating when this occurs daily overtime.

In women, low testosterone can disguise themselves as getting older because you are forgetting things. Taking a supplement can improve your concentration so that you don’t forget. Low testosterone was found to be linked to Alzheimer’s Disease in both women and men.

Taking testosterone has been shown in studies to slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s for those who have it.

Think About Taking Testosterone Supplements

There are many benefits to taking testosterone, many that can be life-changing. With the introduction of testosterone into to body, it can increase energy, help you concentrate, help lose body fat, and improve the quality of life.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of low testosterone, it’s best to ask your doctor if taking testosterone supplements may be right for you.

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