7 Reasons Why You Need to Join a Water Aerobics Class

by | Jun 12, 2019 | Blog

30's the new 20, but there's no denying that your body isn't what it used to be. As we age, our metabolism slows down. This means you can keep the same activity levels and diet as in your 20s but barely see the scale move.

This may be frustrating, especially since you don't have the same fitness level as you did when you were younger. So what's a good way to get in shape without putting too much stress on your body?

Water aerobics, of course! In this article, we'll discuss 7 benefits of water aerobics you should know about.


1. You'll Lose Weight

While walking briskly for 30 minutes only burns 100 or so calories, you'd be surprised to learn how many calories you burn in a 30-minute workout in the pool: 300! Considering it takes a deficit of 3,500 calories to lose one pound of fat, all you need to do is go to the pool for 12 days to lose one pound of fat.

If you combine water aerobics with healthy eating, such as the keto diet, you'll see the pounds come off even quicker. The best thing is since you're in a pool for water aerobics, you won't feel yourself sweating, which makes it seem more like a fun activity than a tedious exercise.


2. You Can Build up Your Endurance

When people take up a physical activity or sport, they're initially enthusiastic about it, but then quit it soon after since they find their endurance isn't very good. It can be disheartening to pick up a sport and find yourself winded within 10 to 15 minutes, so it's understandable if you're one of those people who've quit being active because of that.

When you do water aerobics, you automatically build up your endurance. This is because the pool's water is much colder than your normal body temperature. In order to keep you warm and your body functioning, your heart has to work harder to pump blood to all areas.

As a result, you're giving your heart a workout, which can help you with endurance in all aspects of your life. Your heart will be healthier and stronger.


3. It's a Low-Impact Type of Exercise

With other sports and activities on land, they put more stress on your joints and muscles, which means you have to take breaks or risk injuring yourself. Water aerobics can be great to do on your days off on land since it won't put too much pressure on your body.

Because water aerobics is low impact, it's an ideal exercise to do if you're in frailer condition or are obese and need something that doesn't hurt your joints as much. Plus, you'll burn a good amount of calories while you do it too.


4. It Can Help You Recover from Previous Injuries

Physical therapy is usually recommended for people who've been through serious injuries, such as ones sustained from a car accident. But on-land exercises can be hard to perform, especially if your body is still slowly mending yourself. Underwater exercises are great for assisting in retraining your muscles without too much pain or discomfort.

Not only can it help you recover from previous injuries, but water aerobics can also help you regain strength if you have a health condition that's rendered you unable to do regular exercise.


5. You Can Improve Your Flexibility

As you may know, the way you move in water differs significantly to how you move on land. Water aerobics allows for a wider range of movement, which improves your flexibility. This is because your muscles and joints have to accommodate to the water's resistance to move in different directions.

When you're in water, you won't have to worry about falling over when trying new exercises and experimenting with your range of motion. Water aerobics will provide you with ways to work out muscles you didn't even know existed.

Even people with conditions like osteoarthritis and spinal degeneration are encouraged to take up water aerobics to improve their flexibility and range of motion.


6. You Don't Need Any Equipment

One of the greatest benefits of water aerobics is the fact that you don't need any equipment at all to do it. While you may have to pay for access to a pool, it's negligible when compared to taking up other sports like tennis or baseball. You may have to take a class with other participants to get the full benefits of this activity.

However, you can always look up tutorials online and do water aerobics in your own pool, which eliminates all costs. Since this activity isn't dependent on others, you have the flexibility to practice whenever you want.


7. You Can Relieve Stress

When you perform physical activity, it can relieve stress. During exercise, your brain releases a chemical called endorphins. The benefits from endorphins are two-fold: not only do they reduce the pain you're feeling, but they also make you feel good.

Also, water has a calming effect on many people. Just the act of getting into the pool may be enough to calm you. By doing water aerobics, you can definitely take your mind off of the anxieties of daily life.


Enjoy the Benefits of Water Aerobics

The benefits of water aerobics are plenty, which means it's a good activity for people of all ages and fitness levels to pick up. Even if you have pain from a previous injury or health condition, water aerobics can help you remain active with little to no stress on your joints. So pick this activity up to get moving with no need for additional equipment!

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