Must Know Tips For Keto Success

by | Feb 13, 2020 | Blog

Over the last few years, the popularity of the keto diet has really taken off, and many who have tried (and failed) in the past to lose weight consider it to be an absolute godsend when it comes to making fat loss simple.

With that said, it’s definitely not for everyone – and even those who love it have a hard time sticking with it for long periods of time.

Why Keto Is Hard To Stick With

For the most part, dieters who love keto love it for two reasons.

The first is its simplicity. By removing a lot of your food options from the equation, you save yourself a ton of mental energy, allowing you to coast by on autopilot and rely a lot less on willpower.

The second reason people love it is that it KILLS hunger.  In fact, one of the big reasons that keto is so effective for weight loss is simply because the combination of high fat and moderate protein makes controlling your appetite easy.

So what’s the problem then?

Simple. The biggest problem people have with keto is it’s BORING.

Meat. Oil. Butter. Water. Rinse And repeat.

So, if you’ve been doing keto for a while and you want to improve your odds of sticking to it, here are a few tips to make it easier on yourself.

Tip #1 – Don’t Excessively Cut Calories

Yes, if you’re going to lose weight on ANY diet, you’re going to have to restrict calories to a certain extent.

But while there’s a time and a place for going on a diet with a big calorie deficit, keto isn’t one of them.  You’re already on a boring enough meal plan as it is, and cutting calories too dramatically can lead to hunger (thus eliminating one of the best things about the diet). Most people can fight through the boredom, but it you’re bored AND hungry, you’re simply not going to make it.

Tip #2 – Spices Are Your Friend

This is a fantastic way to make things interesting.  Basil, cinnamon, dill, nutmeg, garlic – all of these are fair game, and will go a long way to make your meals taste a whole lot better.

Tip #3 – Dairy Is Your Friend

It’s very common for keto dieters to go heavy on the meat.  Nothing wrong with that – but you should keep in mind that you do have other options.

One of these options is full fat dairy.  Butter, full fat cheese, and heavy cream taste amazing, and can provide texture and flavour to an otherwise boring meal (nothing quite like a blue cheese omelette to make you forget you’re on a diet).

Tip #4 – Consider “Keto Treats”

While keto cookies, puddings and cakes should all be used sparingly, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having them in moderation (they’re particularly good in lieu of dessert).

Just make sure the bulk of your diet comes from real, whole food sources, and you can easily enjoy these little goodies guilt free.

Tip #5 – Supplement Your Diet With BHB Ketones

When you follow a strict keto diet, Ketones are released into your blood stream. These are what kick “Ketosis” into action and tell your body to utilize fat for fuel. So, to ensure you are getting the most out of your diet or to give you a boost of energy and kickstart your goals- consider taking a Ketone supplement like our own Keto Energy (50% off this month while supplies last!).