Natural Nutrition: 8 Healthy Fruits to Incorporate Into Your Diet

by | Jul 29, 2019 | Blog

If you’re looking to improve your health and wellness, fruits should be an essential part of your diet. Unfortunately, fruits have become a casualty in the war against carbs. There are women who think of fruits as a source of sugar.

For them, fruits add to your calorie consumption daily and should be avoided at all costs. Yet, healthy fruits are a nutritional necessity. Not just because of the vitamins and minerals they offer, but also their fibre content.

These are great for improving digestion, aiding bowel movement, and keeping your blood sugar stable. So, just because you’re looking to lose weight or stay healthy, doesn’t mean you should not take fruits.

If you’re particular about sugar, there are some low sugar fruits that you can take as part of your daily nutritional needs. The following should help you do just that. 


They’re yellow, sweet, very juicy, and are a powerhouse of nutrients. They’re great for the summer as they contain large amounts of fluid.

If you have a sweet tooth and are looking for healthy fruits to replace your sugar consumption, this is the fruit to take. It’s incredibly rich with manganese and vitamin C.

In fact, one cup contains 131 percent of your RDI for vitamin C and 76 percent of manganese. But, that’s not even the best part of this amazing fruit. The best part is a group of enzymes called bromelain. 

These are powerful against inflammations, aid bowel movement, fight heart disease, cancer, and tumours, as well as diabetes. Studies have shown them to be particularly effective at improving recovery time after surgery. 

While you can put it on pizza and other delicacies, the best way to get the rewards of this healthy fruit is by eating it as is or juicing it. It’s very delicious and tasty, and appealing to everyone. Just make sure to peel off the bark properly before eating. 


One of the most popular healthy fruits, grapefruits have an amazing store of nutritional value. It’s considered one of the healthiest citrus fruits.

This fruit is particularly great at reducing insulin resistance and boosting weight loss. One study showed that when half a grapefruit was eaten before meals, the subjects lost almost 4 lbs in 3 months.

This isn’t surprising considering that the fruit is one of the lowest-calorie fruits, and contains a lot of water and fibre. Another huge benefit of grapefruit is the presence of lycopene. Studies have shown that this compound can lower your risk of developing cancer. 

And for those who are worried about sugar, this one is mostly sour. So, there’s no need to worry. 


Avocado is an unusual fruit. Most fruits tend to have more carbs in them. Not avocado. It’s very low carb but high in healthy fats. This is why keto enthusiasts and diets incorporate avocados into their meal plans.

People looking to improve their heart health should eat a lot of avocados as it’s rich in oleic acid.

This monounsaturated fatty acid lowers inflammation and may lower the risk of stroke and blood pressure. It also has good amounts of magnesium, potassium, and fibres. 

You cannot go wrong with this fruit if heart health is a priority. 


Incredibly rich in antioxidants, blueberries are one of the most powerful healthy fruits on earth. They’re rich in Vit. C, K, and manganese. In fact, it’s said to be the fruits with the highest amounts of antioxidants. 

If you’re looking to eliminate free radicals from your body, this is the fruit to take. Frequent consumption of blueberries is thought to help lower the risk of chronic health problems like diabetes, and heart disease. 

It’s also a powerful immune booster, capable of destroying killer cells and improving memory in older citizens. 


Ever heard the saying “an apple a day keeps you away from the doctor”? Well, it’s true. As one of the healthy fruits you can eat, apples are highly rich in antioxidants, which can lower the risk of diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. 

They’re abundantly available and easy to eat. They’re also a great source of pectin, which improves gut health and aids digestion. You really can’t go wrong with apples.

They’re tasty, give no allergic reactions, and are pack a huge amount of antioxidants. Also, they’re convenient, which makes them easy to carry around and eat during lunch breaks. 


Another antioxidant powerhouse, they’re considered one of the healthiest fruits available. In fact, they have thrice the number of antioxidants in wine and green tea. 

Taking pomegranates has been linked to a lowered risk of cancer, as well as lower inflammation. It’s incredibly rich in vitamin C, A, and K. It also helps improve digestive health. 


Lemons are very rich in vitamin C and are known to help boost metabolism. This is probably why it’s included in weight-loss diets.

As one of the very healthy fruits, this has low-calorie content, as well as sugar quantity. It’s mostly sour and does a good job of improving satiety. 

It’s great for lowering blood pressure and lipids. Therefore, taking it frequently does wonders for your heart, gut, and skin health. It will also help control or reduce weight gain. 


Very rich in fibre and water, watermelon is one of the best fruits out there. It’s rich in antioxidants, vitamins C and A, as well as antioxidants like cucurbitacin E and lycopene. 

Its lycopene antioxidants have been studied for their anticancer properties. Which is why it’s recommended to people undergoing cancer treatment and those who want to prevent cancer.  

Lycopene has been linked to a reduced risk of digestive cancers, while cucurbitacin E has been linked to reduced tumour growth. 

It’s also great for hydration and satiety. So, you’ll lose weight, and stay cool and refreshed in these hot summers. 

Are There Other Healthy Fruits?

Of course, there are a ton of other healthy fruits. In fact, most if not all fruits are healthy. But these ones here are popular and commonly found in grocery stores. So, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding them. 

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