The 6 Nutrients You May Be Missing in Your Vegan Diet

by | Mar 2, 2020 | Blog, Health, Weight Loss

If everyone went vegan, it could save the world over a trillion dollars by 2050. 

It would also reduce carbon emissions and help reverse climate change. That isn’t going to happen, but if you have made the choice to go vegan, congratulations. In this article, we will look at the nutritional impact of that choice by exploring 6 nutrients that you may not be getting.

A vegan diet is healthy and can help you feel better about yourself. You are less detrimental to the environment than a meat-eater. A plant-based diet is also more humane, as no animals have to be slaughtered in order for you to eat. In spite of this, you must be careful to get the nutrients you need. 

The 6 Nutrients You Need

Vegan diets are great, but they do miss out on some important aspects of human nutrition. Thanks to modern science we are able to get what we need without raising and slaughtering animals. Taking the proper supplements will help improve your health and well-being. 

Most of these nutrients are animal-based, and hence why they are missing from the vegan diet. Taking as broad an approach to nutrition as possible is vital if you are wanting to maintain a vegan lifestyle. Don’t starve your body of the minerals it needs to function properly.

1. Iron

Iron is something that is found in blood and lacking it can lead to complications such as anaemia. Our body relies on iron in our diet in order to make new red blood cells. If we remove all sources of iron from our nutrition, we expose ourselves to significant health risks. 

Anaemia symptoms are something you need to watch out for. They include things like fatigue, chest pain, and strange cravings. If you experience any of these things go and see a doctor. Fortunately, there are supplements you can take which will help reduce this shortfall. 

2. Vitamin D

This is something that the sun provides for us but is also found in non-vegan items like milk. For those who aren’t vegan, this is the main source of vitamin D. It isn’t always easy to get outside but remember that being out in the sun is the best way to get your body the Vitamin D it needs. 

In order to get the proper vitamin D, consider using supplements as well as direct sunlight. Walking to and from your car doesn’t count either. You need large surface areas of your skin exposed to steady sunlight. 

3. Vitamin B12

This particular vitamin helps in keeping blood and nerve cells functioning and healthy. The only natural way to get Vitamin B12 is the consumption of animal products. If you’re vegan this isn’t an option for you, and you’ll have to go with a supplemental route.

Your body doesn’t need a lot of B12, but it does need some. Consult with your physician or dietician about the amount that will work best for you. Things like age, weight, and gender can change the amount you need to be receiving for the healthiest possible outcome. 

4. Omega Fatty Acids

The famous Omega-12 fatty acid is famous for being found in fish like tuna. This is not an option for those of us who are vegan. There are supplements for omega fatty acids that can help keep your body working smoothly. 

Omega fatty acids help lubricate our bodies systems and help prevent conditions like blood clots and high blood pressure. While heart health does go up when you switch to a vegan diet, it is something you need to add to your diet. 

5. Zinc

It goes without saying that a lot of the nutrients you are missing come from animal products. This is because heavy minerals are used by animal cells in order to function the way they are intended. Zinc is no exception. 

Zinc plays a vital role in our bodies. From our immune systems to protein synthesis, we need it. Zinc is also one of the easiest minerals to supplement. It is found in a wide array of products, from cold medicine to vitamin supplements. 

6. Calcium 

The mineral calcium helps our bodies build strong and robust skeletal structures. For most people, it is absorbed when they eat meat, drink milk or consume cheese. Vegan alternatives that aren’t fortified with calcium do not provide this vital mineral.

Having calcium in your diet helps stave off the effects of osteoporosis and other conditions that can affect us as we age. Don’t let your health decline or your bones grow brittle, make sure to put plenty of calcium into your diet. This is even more true for young people. 

Nutrients and Veganism 

As vegetable and plant-based diets become more popular so too has the need for nutritional supplements grown. Gone are the days when people embracing a plant-based diet couldn’t receive these 6 nutrients that are essential to life. On Vine Organics can provide you with the supplements you need. 

It is important if you are going to be successful that you look for alternatives as well. Find supplements and other foods that can provide you with the nutrition you need. The more diverse your diet, the easier it will be for you to maintain health and wellness. 

Some of the greatest athletes and sports figures in our world are now able to go vegan. This was not always the case. We live in a time where science is progressing fast enough to free us of our need to raise and kill animals for our own benefit. 

Stay Healthy

If you’re already vegan, you probably know the many health benefits that come along with the lifestyle. Your diet and health are tied together and can not be separated. Make sure that you receive all 6 nutrients, and you will live a longer, healthier life than someone who relies on animal products.

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