9 Ways You Can Ensure Your Body and Mind Age Well

by | Jun 4, 2019 | Blog

You are filled with awesome dreams and goals you want to achieve. However, long-term achievements take time, perhaps years.

This makes it important for you to stay healthy to the best of your ability so you will have the energy you need as you age.

Here are 9 healthy aging tips to help you take care of yourself long-term and delay common age-related diseases:

1. Learn a Second Language

Learning a second language might be sound like a surprising tip, but it can have an awesome impact on your health by delaying dementia around half a decade.

It's also a new skill set that can help you earn more, become eligible for translation work, and help you connect with other cultures—which is awesome if you plan on traveling the world during retirement.

There are a variety of great free and paid options to choose from, such as Duolingo and Rosetta Stone.

2. Go Organic

As for eating tips, consider going organic. While not all organic foods are pesticide free, there are more limited and stricter standards as for what kinds are permitted.

Certain types of pesticides are carcinogenic, and by doing our best to avoid and reduce them to the best of our ability, we can reduce our risk of, helping us live longer and healthier.

Additionally, going organic means your meats will be free from growth hormones and antibiotics.

Also, if you choose to only eat organic, it can also help you eat healthier in general. After all, do you see any fast food chains advertising organic junk food? No.

This makes going organic is one of the best eating tips for healthy lifestyles, and having a healthy lifestyle helps you age better.

3. Invest in Positivity

Hearing negative news can up your stress and frustration. Know enough to understand what's going on in the world, but also invest in listening to positive sources and insight as well.

Tips for discovering positivity:

  • Follow encouraging blogs
  • Share inspiring quotes
  • Think about the wonderful things that have happened to you
  • Write down what you're thankful for
  • Watch the stars or sunrise

Long-term stress can negatively impact your health by making you more vulnerable to diseases.

Make sure you keep a good attitude and invest in positivity to help you avoid these risks and live a happier lifestyle as you age.

4. Travel

Traveling can positively impact your mind by enhancing your appreciation of the good things you have.

It can also help you gain a broader perspective of the world. Plus, all that walking will still count as exercise, although a more fun and adventurous version.

Plus, traveling can also help you master a second language as mentioned above.

5. Get More Sleep

Getting enough quality sleep makes you feel better and more alert. However, a lack of sleep can not only lead to health problems but can also cause your skin to age faster than it should.

This makes getting enough sleep it one of the most important healthy aging tips. Try to head to bed and wake up at consistent times to help your body create a steady pattern of long, quality sleep.

While coffee can be a great energy booster in the morning hours, make sure you avoid it in the afternoon so you won't be kept awake.

If you notice that you're very sensitive to the effects of caffeine, consider avoiding it even earlier in the day.

6. Enjoy Regular Walks

More tips for healthy lifestyles would include enjoying regular walks. Walking is a relaxing, low-impact exercise. It makes you feel good and strengthens muscles.

If you're thinking of a diet, it can be a healthier alternative to consider because walking has a positive effect on your metabolism, rather than slowing it down.

This kind of exercise is also something that can be maintained long-term, making walking one of the worthwhile healthy habits for women.

Plus, it also gets you outside in the sun more often, making you more likely to gain Vitamin D.

You can choose to purchase a treadmill or simply grab some quality sneakers and hop to the sidewalk.

If you listen to music, never use earbuds while on the road or close to it. Staying safe is the best of healthy aging tips.

7. Learn a New Skill

Learning a new skill can help your brain age better.


Not only can it potentially supplement your current work, but it's also something that can you can enjoy in retirement as a hobby.

8. Be Generous

Many people give around the holidays, but why only then? Being generous is fun, makes people happy, and can help you live longer.

Ways to give:

  • Pay for someone else's order in the drive-through
  • Anonymously purchase someone's food as you leave a restaurant
  • Write a kind letter to someone who inspired you
  • Leave a kind note and gift card on a co-worker's desk

By being kind and generous, you'll have plenty of positive memories to fill your mind as you age.

9. Manage Current Health Conditions

Wisely managing your current health conditions is one of the most important healthy aging tips.

This is because taking care of your current conditions now can potentially prevent others from coming up in the future and help you feel better long-term.

For example, when people with diabetes take the correct amount of insulin needed to keep blood glucose levels where they need to be, they feel more energized and normal.

However, when glucose gets out of balance long-term, it can lead to lasting damage in the pancreas, brain, eyes, etc.

Doing your best to take care of yourself now can benefit you later by causing less strain on your body, which can help you to stay healthier as you get older.

Final Thoughts on Healthy Aging Tips

There are many healthy aging tips out there, but the best thing you can do to age healthy long-term is to establish a healthy lifestyle long-term.

What do you think about healthy aging?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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