When is the Best Time to Work Out and Exercise?

by | Dec 6, 2019 | Blog

Are you a fitness addict? Unfortunately, up to 80 percent of Americans don’t get enough exercise.

Do you get plenty of physical activity? If not, you shouldn’t be worrying about when is the best time to exercise. Instead, you should primarily focus on exercising now rather than later. 

The sooner you get fit and healthy, the better. However, if you’re regularly working out anyway, you may begin to ask yourself the question – when is the best time to work out?

After all, many of us are extremely busy. If you’re going to squeeze a workout into your hectic schedule, then you better think when is the optimal time of day.

Here’s our guide to when is the best time to exercise. Check it out below!

1. In the Morning is the Best Time to Work out

When is your preferred time to exercise? In one survey, around half of Americans said that they like to work out during the mornings.

Getting it out of the day early in the day makes sense. This is probably before you set off on your journey to work as well.

You probably do your morning workout without eating anything. But, make sure you stay hydrated while exercising early.

But, working out on an empty stomach is actually the best effective way to lose weight.

Why? That’s because during the morning your body has a better metabolism which allows you to burn more fat. If you want to shed more pounds, exercising during the morning can help you resist the temptations of snacking throughout the day too.

People who exercise during the morning, on average, don’t have as much of an appetite. Are you constantly tempted by morning snacks? Halting your hunger is actually half the battle for many dieters eager to lose weight.

Just make sure you have something to eat for breakfast after you have got a sweat on. This can help to bolster the effects of your workout.

2. How to Get Up for Your Morning Work Out?

You know that working out during the morning is actually the most effective way to lose weight. But, you’re probably wondering – how can I achieve this?

Approximately only around one in seven Americans feel fresh when they wake up in the mornings, according to surveys.

If you’re one of the many people who simply hit “snooze” during the mornings when your alarm goes off, you’re going to struggle to exercise early on.

If you can manage to drag yourself out of bed by 7 o’clock in the morning, then you could find that you feel more awake and fresh by late morning.

According to studies, getting into the routine of early wake-up times and early bed-times can improve your energy levels and allow you to do exercise early in the morning.

Do you suffer from stress, anxiety or even depression? Exercising during the mornings can significantly improve your mental health.

However, morning exercises aren’t for everyone. There are always other times that you can workout at the top of your game.

3. After Lunch Workouts are Also Great

Do you sometimes squeeze a workout into your lunch break at work? This can be the only option for many people.

Make sure you eat your lunch after you return back to your desk. You don’t want to make yourself sick by exercising on a full stomach.

If you want to exercise after lunch, ensure that you have left an hour or two before you start your workout. In fact, having eaten a couple of meals already, you may even find that your physical performance is improved. 

You may not lose weight as quickly. But, you’ll certainly stand a better chance of performing at the top of your game. 

4. Why Afternoon Exercise Makes Sense

Over 80 percent of our working hours are spent sitting down. That’s because so many of us work on computers at desks for work.

What’s the best way to counter spending the entire day sedentary? You don’t necessarily need to do a rigorous workout either. You could even enjoy the benefits of exercising in the afternoon by walking or cycling home after work.

But, one study found that when you exercise in the late afternoon, your body actually burns calories approximately 10% more efficiently.

5. Evening Workouts Aren’t Worthless

If you can only ever find the time to workout during the evenings after work, then it’s definitely still worthwhile.

Of course, you should exercise as early as possible. Working out immediately before you go to sleep could damage your ability to fall asleep.

But, this isn’t the case for more calming exercises. Why not try something different? For example, a fast-paced evening walk or a yoga class could also boost your health without compromising your sleep. 

As long as you don’t overdo it immediately before going to bed, your evening workout could be hugely beneficial for you.

When is the Best Time to Exercise?

You’re already an avid jogger or regular gym-goer. But, have you ever wondered about when is the best time to work out?

While morning workouts are probably the most effective, especially if you want to lose weight, they’re not the only choice. In fact, working out during the afternoon or evening also brings numerous benefits. Just make sure it doesn’t disrupt your sleep. 

Do you want to know more about how to exercise and enjoy the benefits of physical fitness? Check out our blog to discover everything you need to know about healthy living.